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Baba Zarda #160 w/ Saffron - 10 gm

Baba Zarda 160 w/ Saffron - 10 gm

We are proud to be the company who introduced the USA and BABA!  BABA flavoured Chewing Tobacco better known as BABA Zarda was launched in 1948. One of the earliest branded chewing tobaccos in the world, BABA Zarda has an unwavering customer base across the world. BABA is popular for its refined taste, pleasing aroma, saffron and silver flakes. The brand has set global benchmarks for quality with its choice of finest natural ingredients, hygienically processing and global packaging standards. BABA #160 uses more essential spices and a higher grade of tobacco for an unforgettable chew. BABA chewing tobacco is available in a user-friendly metal packaging.

NOTE: 10 Gram TIN is what is being sold here.

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