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Saffron - Spanish Gathering Brand

Gathering Brand Pure Organic Spanish Saffron Spice

THE GATHERING OF SAFFRON SPANISH SAFFRON is one of the finest and most popular brands of Spanish Saffron, used by renown chefs around the world. 100% pure saffron, the freshest on the market, Category I or Select Grade quality and free from any objectionable or animal matter - those are the qualities that define a superior saffron. The decorative tin container makes sure that the saffron is kept away from light and retains its full aroma, flavor and color. But it also makes a great gift for any food connoisseur!


Saffron is the three stigmas of the saffron crocus flower. Very delicate and thread-like, the stigmas have a bright orange-red color and with high quality saffron, such as our ?€?Gathering of Saffron?€? brand, this color is uniform. The Select Grade is considered the top of the line Saffron, well known for its strong perfume, lovely flavor and excellent coloring capabilities. The price of saffron is affirmed by its coloring power, with categories from I to IV and with category I being the strongest. But as with other expensive spices, a little goes a long way, and most recipes only call for one pinch at a time. One of the main reasons for the rather high price of saffron is the amount of work involved in cultivating and harvesting the stigmas from the crocus flower. Furthermore, each crocus flower provides only 3 red stigmas. So in order to produce 1 oz of saffron, approximately 14,000 of these little saffron threads are needed. The tiny threads must be handpicked from the crocus flower at dawn as soon as the flower opens, to protect the stigmas from sunlight.


To ensure maximum flavor and aroma, please store saffron away from heat, light and moisture since these conditions will accelerate the aging process of saffron. Although saffron will age very graciously and can be kept for years, proper storage is necessary. Storage temperature should not exceed 68 Degrees Fahrenheit and humidity should be under 40 percent. Do not refrigerate since the humidity might affect the saffron quality.


Saffron is used in Mediterranean, Indian and Asian cuisines. It is especially good in seafood dishes such as Paella and Bouillabaisse, but is often used in risotto, soups and stews.


Preparation: Saffron needs heat to release its flavor and color. The preferred method is covered soaking in hot water or broth for at least 2 hours. Use 3 parts of hot liquid for 1 part of saffron. You will see that the threads soak up the liquid and expand in size. This liquid can then be added to your recipes. Enjoy!


Country Of Origin: Product of Spain

Try 1 gm, 5 gm or 10 gm packing.
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