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Aryaa Organic First Cold Pressed Olive Oil (Organic) Energy Infused

100% First Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil ( Olea Europea)

“Liquid Gold”  Travel with Aryaa to ancient Greece, home of the olympics, fount of wisdom and olives which were cultivated in the Mediterranean 6000 years ago.  In fact, 4500 year old stone tablets referring to the olive plant, were found from the court of King Minos of Crete. 

Historically, the olive has been a symbol of Wealth, Fame and Peace.  The great Greek poet Homer,  referred to olive oil as “Liquid Gold”.  Hippocrates, a great medical practitioner, used olive oil as a natural treatment because of its healing powers.

Aryaa Organic’s Energy Infused First Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil is of the highest quality and flavor.  Aryaa Organic carefully sources the purest and best tasting fruits and herbs.  Embodying Eternal Truths and Changing Lives

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